12 January, 2009

I knew it was going to be hard to be back, but I didn't think it was going to be this difficult...

17 December, 2008

London 0, Elisabeth 1

London beat me up good last night, but I came out victorious!

Ordered some Indian take away for my last Loring Hall G3 Meal with Ingunn and Karen.

Missy is coming to visit me from Paris!

I leave for Wales soon.

Elaborate more on all of this lataaa. 

My room is so empty now :(

16 December, 2008

Alfies Antique Market

Maybe I won't be taking the 453 all the way to Marylebone today... It took me a bit longer to get ready than I thought. So I'll at least be taking the 453 to Elephant and Castle then taking the tube to Marylebone so I can explore Alfies. Hah. 

Also, London A-Z is the best book known to man.


I have extended my stay in the UK until January 8th. I have been having the time of my life, and too busy to think about writing in here. Although, I wish I may have made more time to note my amazing adventures. 

Everyone is leaving. I hate saying goodbyes. So it's just 'So long, farewell, alveterzane... so long!' that you'll hear from. Yesterday consisted of 'so long' breakfast/lunch and dinner. New Cross is turning into a ghost town, but I'm still here. So I'm happy. 

I'm riding the 453 all the way to Marylebone today!

23 October, 2008

So... I may be absolute rubbish at updating this thing, but it is only because I am too busy having the time of my life. Coming to London is best decision I have ever made, ever.

The last time I wrote in this thing was pretty much the last night that I stayed in. I am exhausted! Re-fueling every now and then is okay, but I have such a hard time just sitting around in my room wasting time because I am in London... and there is so much to do! All the time.

Last night was the first time I went out in Central London for the night life. I've mostly been just during the day, and New Cross is usually a pretty happen' place at night. I had an absolute blast. It was probably one of the best nights I've had so far. It involved whiskey, vodka, gin, dancing, gingers, pretending to be a party documenter to take photos of funny people, exploring SoHo, running into other Goldsmithers, creepy men, bar hopping, free drinks, the hottest man in London, Subway, "free" chips... I mean crisps, "free" postcards, reeking havoc in Trafalger Square at 4am, and "free" bus rides whilst running into more Goldsmithers. Amazin'.

Time to upload some hilarious photos.