16 September, 2008


Things are being checked off the lists, but there is still lots more to put into action! That's what these next few days are going to be consisted of. 

Kent was a good-time, as always. It involved awkward situations, almost getting hit by wrap boy, guacamole, leaving wallets behind, flying chips, rude people, almost hitting a car, and then driving past wrap boy. Although it did consist of a black cat running out in front of my car, a very large full moon, spiders, and a fake-ass low rider spitting fire out it's butt. But I think Rockne's was the antidote because I made it back home safe and sound.

Thursday night is a combined going away party for Missy and I since she is leaving for Paris on Saturday as well! It's going to be a blast!

Also, I am really excited to be in another country for one of our most historic presidential elections ever. Just to see the reactions overseas and whatnot. Matt, Jessie, Kelly, and I were YouTubing a bunch of Palin videos yesterday. Oh man, no good! If McCain/Palin wins I'm just going to stay in England!

If you haven't seen the Palin/Hilary SNL skit... you must!  Here it is! 

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