15 September, 2008


Bangs! Ohhhh :-O! I've been trying to wear them down lately, since it's even quicker to do my hair that way... and they're finally long enough to put down... and I just really like the leopard headband. 

LISTS! LISTS! LISTS! I have so many lists... to do... to buy... to pack... etc etc. I love making lists though, it's just the getting them all together afterwards thats the difficult part. Haha.

Today I'm going down to Kent for the very last time before I leave to drop off the Dartmouth Application, so that when I get back I have a place to live!

Mr. Hurricane Ike brought some nasty side effects up our way. Poor Matt Murphy had to come to my house and watch the Steelers vs. Browns game (since his electric line got staight up knocked down by a huge ass branch), but good thing he knows how to watch the game and block out his surroundings (my family/pets), and luckily for him the Steelers won!

Alright, I'm out. Booyah! 

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