14 September, 2008


Less than a week!!!! I've been talking to a good amount of really nice people via facebook who are also going to Goldsmiths that are studying abroad or already live in Europe. 

Today I discovered that my laptop does not have a pound sign key. I was also talking to a very nice gentleman and learned that "pants" can also mean "underpants".

I'm thinking that was probably a good thing to learn prior to getting over there! I can only imagine the funny things that would be said from misusing "pants." 

For example, I like to wear dresses a lot... so I would say, "I don't like to wear pants when I don't have to!!" Oi vey, can you only imagine the crazy things people would think?! Although I'm sure they'll already think I'm a little special to begin with... hah. So I don't need to make it any worse! Plus I don't want them thinking I'm like Britney Spears... yikes. So it's good that I've been getting the in on some of the lingo.

I found a funny picture of Britney with no "pants" on... but the internet is sucking, because of all these hurricane side effects, and not letting it upload. Boooo.

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