24 September, 2008

Your mom goes to London!

I honestly cannot explain the excitement and happiness that has constantly been flowing within my body these past four days.

Although it has only been a few days since I've come in contact with this thing, so much has gone on! Which is part of the reason I haven't had a chance to write in here, and the fact that the internet was done doesn't help much either.

The three other people in my program are awesome! I couldn't be more pleased. Then my hall is pretty awesome... I mean brilliant... as well! I get my own room and bathroom, then share a kitchen with a few other students who are really nice. 

Everyone in general is really easy going and approachable, visiting student or British. Although I do have trouble understand the accent at times, it has made for some funny situations. I love hearing people who are outside smoking speak while I'm just sitting in my room. It makes me really realize that I am here!

I could go one forever. But I am exhausted!! So instead here is a link to all the pictures so far!

But before I do, I just want so say I've met some of the greatest people. We make the best group ever. From New Mexico, to Pennsylvania, to Illinois, to Norway, and Berlin. It's always a good time.

Also whoever says that the UK has bad food obviously has not been here, because all the food I've had has been absolutely amazing! 

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