28 September, 2008

London, London!

Oh man! I just realized I didn't even post a link for all the pictures. My bad. I was really tired that night, hah. 

I don't even know where to begin. This week has been so amazing. I promise I'll get better at writing in here. Even just for myself, so I haven something to look back on and remember all the little funny things or interesting moments that happen. I'm getting into the swing of things around here, so I don't think everything is going to be as hectic. and thus it will be easier to take some time and got things down. The internet also seems to be a bit more reliable now, which is that's a plus.

My days have just consisted of exploring the city, meeting people, and just adapting to life here. So far I have no complaints about anything (except maybe the exchange rate, yikes). 

Here are some of my favorite pictures as of yet!

London Excursions

New Cross (My hood)

My Flat

Now for the best part... new FRIENDS!

Now for the Tattoo Convention. I was supposed to get tattooed yesterday, but Uncle Allan had some hold ups... which is totally understandable. So hopefully we can work it out for Tuesday still. It was so amazing to see his work in real life, he is an absolutely amazing artist, and an incredibly kind person.

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