28 September, 2008

Skypin' it up

Mallory and I just skyped online not too long ago! It was a blast! I love her! I miss my friends back home. We are so awesome that we still take amazing photos even when we're 3,000 miles apart! 

Then one my flatmates, Luke, popped in for a visit. So it was a good time all around. Looking into her computer screen eyes made me miss her so much!

But don't get me wrong, the people I've met here are amazing as well!!! 

AW YAY!! Jessie Pea just skyped me too!! Tonight was so good for communication back home. I got to talk to my sister on line for the first time as well. I'm so happy to be here, but I do miss everyone back home! These next three months are going to go by extremely fast, although it's all going to be so incredible. This first week was fantastic, and if the following are any like it I'm good to go.

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