06 October, 2008


One of these days I will post a proper blog! I just get so caught up with everything that is going on, that it gets a bit hard to keep track of this thing... even my real journal. I don't think I've written in it since I've been here! How sad :( I need to make it a habit. There are so many little things that happen on a daily basis, and I want to remember them all!

Everyday here is a good day! I honestly have no complaints... well maybe one... that I'm not staying here long enough. 

Tomorrow is going to be another good day! I'm really excited. Luke and I are going down to Carnaby Street. Mostly to check out "It's Something Hell." It's a hair salon that specializes in pin-up do's and pomps. Luke is gettin' is hurr did, but not I! Not yet at least... Then maybe some more exploring of Carnaby Street, and finally see a Fred Perry shop in person! How fantastic would that be? Perhaps the Tate Modern afterwards? I sure hope so because I've been here two weeks now and have yet to go to an art museum! WTF! 

There is just so much going on everyday that I want to write about, but I don't think it's quite possible to do so unless I do this on a daily basis. Which after tomorrow I am going to try very hard to do! 

Well let's see... I'll just do some major highlights... through pictures of course!

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