11 October, 2008

If your drains are clogged... call dyno rod!

I'm taking it easy tonight! I have a lot of reading and research to do before a group project meeting tomorrow, and I want to get it done so that I can go to the Spitalfields Market tomorrow beforehand! I cannot wait!

So let's see... perhaps a recap of this week? 

Monday, I did something! Now if I could just remember... that would be fantastic! I went to my Moving Images course, which is about all that I can recall at the moment. 

Tuesday was a very good day. Luke and I set out on an adventure to It's Something Hell in Carnaby Street. It's a pin-up do's and pomp based hair salon. The couple who own it are absolutely amazing at what they do! The shop was so cute too! I hope I can get my hair done there before I leave. Luke's hair turned out mighty fine as well. Then we ventured onto SoHo where we found the best Vintage shop called Beyond Retro! I loved it. I must go back. After that we wondered around a bit through the Red Light District and such until we made it to the nearest tube stop that would take us to the Tate Modern. We had a nice little walk through the rain to the Tate as well. I want to go back since we didn't have much time to explore! All that I can really remember is being mesmerized by a video that entailed half naked men and women rubbing raw fish and chickens all over their bodies...

Wednesday was consumed with courses. All of which I  adore. It can get a little intense going to three in a row, but it sure does feel good to get my brain thinking analytically towards art again.

Thursday Nicole, Eli, Alex, and a few other people at different Universities who are apart of the same study abroad program went to check out Parliament. It was pretty interesting. They were discussing Anti-terrorist Acts and Foreign Policies in the House of Lords and House of Commons. Afterwards we ventured towards Covent Gardens, and stopped for some Wagamama! SO GOOD! Covent Gardens was a really neat area as well, I really want to go back and explore some more.

Friday didn't consist of too much. Went to the library to watch a film and work on a group project...
Sidenote: I remember something from Monday! Ingunn and I watched a film in the library for one of her courses, and we both ate chocolate for the first time whilst being here and felt incredibly sick (and sad from the movie) afterwards!

...then went to Sainsburys and bought a nice amount of food that should last me for a good amount of time. just hung around the room with Luke and watched another film for my course until it was time to go out. I didn't stay out for very long either. I was tired and came home early, which proved to be a good idea because I got to skype with Mr. Murphy and his new baby kitty.

As for today (CLAIRE'S 18th BIRTHDAY!) I just woke up, showered, made some food, went to the library to watch another film, came back, hung out, organised (note the 's') my flat, did some reading, and now I'm taking a break...

Alriiiiight... back to Douglas Sirk and the Melodrama. 

Haha, sike! I just ended up watching episodes of It's Always Sunny and The Office! I miss them! I'm so happy I found a site I can watch them on :D 

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